When is Google’s Birthday | How old is Google today

When is Google’s Birthday | How old is Google today

When is Google’s Birthday?

Google celebrates its birthday on September 27th and it is 19-year-old now as on Feb 2018. It is very hard to imagine that Google management itself don’t know the actual Google Birthday. Google management has celebrating Google birthday in different dates since it began to function.

In the year 2004, Google celebrate its birthday on September7 and before that it was celebrating on September8. In the year 2005 it celebrates its birthday on September 26 and in year 2006, they again forgot and celebrate on September 27.

So, When is Google’s Birthday? Google finally clear all doubt in 2013 and confirm that September 27th will be observer as its official birthday. Since then September 27 seems to stuck which seems to have relevance, as that day in 2002 Doodle was born.

Story of Google Founders

If you believe in destiny, then you should read how google founder met. In the year 1995, one of the Google founder Larry page went to attend grad school. It was in Stanford, where he first met Sergey, who was a second-year graduation student. Both met and instantly started likening each other. In the year 1995, internet was still in its fancy first step and everyone was drooling over it.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin started discussing new idea which will going to revolutionize the whole internet. They come up with the idea of making a new search engine. An engine so powerful that it will hold billions of billions website database and will give result based on keyword relevancy.

In the year 1996, Larry Page and Sergey Brin have developed a new search algorithm known as “BackRub” for search engine.

From January 1996 to 1997 they both work on new search engine. But to make it big, they need something different which no other search engine was doing. Market is full of big player like Excite.com, Lycos, Netscape’s Netcenter, AOL.com, GO.com and MSN.com. To compete with big player, they have device a plan.

Formation of Google.com the Giant

www.google.com was register in the year 1997, but their actual business was started in September 1998. Google uses 1998 to calculate its actual age, but some argue that it got everything form “BackRub” so its age must be calculated form 1995. Nevertheless, all controversy settles down when Google held for September 27 as its birthday.

Search Engine War

The year 1998 to 2004 in internet world term as “Search Engine War”. Search engine war was wage by a new entrant in world wide web named as google. Google got its name from word “Googol” which means a number equal to 1 followed by hundred zeros.

In the end of 1998, Google has approached a smart strategy, it has index more than 60 million page. Google follow a simple approach and make its home page free from clutter. It starts delivering the result with relevance to the keyword. It never allows pup-ads in its advertising platform which help it keep the home page simple.

What was other search engine Model of advertisement?

There are two type of advertisement model floating at that time, one was kw based and other was display ads. While other search engine was more focus on display ads, which make their website home page more clutter and heavy to load. Goto.com which later become Yahoo! Search Marketing, was pioneer as keyword advertising.

What was Google Search Engine Advertising Model?

Google sell advertisements associated with search keywords which were text-based. Keyword were sold based on their click-through and price bid. These text-based ads give google home page less cluttered and maximized page loading speed. Now user can bid on different Geo, place and location.


Why Google Won the Search Engine War?

If we summaries on those point which help Google to win the search engine war, we found these points worth mentioning

  1. Focus on User Experience

While other search engine focus on keyword stuffing page, google focus on kw relevance with context. Keyword stuffing in when website owner stuff keywords 10 to 20 times in its page to get in first place in search. Google algorithm detect this crappy stuff and only show relevant page regarding to keywords.

  1. Superior Technology

While other search engine trying to cut cost by using the same old technology. Google focus on new technology and better use of its algorithm. It uses simple home page which allow millions of users to connect simultaneously and query the main server.

  1. Deviation from Old age school Approach

In those time search engines follow one simple rule, keep the user spend tons on time on search engine so that they may be serve more ads. Google broke out this stigma and provides relevant search query with less text ads. This help in better user experience and seems to work great.

  1. A Different approach in Advertising

Unlike Yahoo, Excite and AOl giant search engine advertising model. Google offered a text ad which were more relevant to organic result. It pay-per-clicks ads seems to work as it was cheap at that time if compare to other’s search engine.

  1. Fast Page Loading

Google has the fastest page loading search engine till date. If you see the google home page, you will find that it only has one search bar. This unique feature alone nails down its competitors who only focus on putting thousand on ads on home page, making it difficult to open.


So, that how Google began its journey and take on winning search engine war. Today Google command nearly 66% of the whole search engine query. No other search engine come near google in term of ease of use, technology and relevancy score. Hope you all love this article and we are eager to hear your comments on Google birthday and search engine war.

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