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Pan-African Daily TV

Channel:Pan-African Daily TV

About: Welcome to PanafricanDTV, your AFROTV. We are here to help revamp the spirit of a United Africa, #MakeAfricaGreatagain. We believe in '#Ubuntu the African philosophy of oneness and the bond of upholding African Values, Cultures, Spirituality and more. Are you Pan-African? Organization, group, initiatives and private persons with the spirit of pan-Africanism..then join us on this platform. Irrespective of all the negativities about Africa, Africa still remain to be that virgin continent with more than enough to offer ourselves and the entire world. We need to grow beyond the negative attributes and build Africa for Africans. Subscribe to our channel and be a part of this great dream #theafricawewant # UnitedAfrica #Africaunion #Africandescent.. ABOUT US: - The Pan African Daily TV seeks to Unite all Sons and Daughters of Africa, African citizenry in the Diaspora and people of African Descent worldwide with a common purpose. Support with a regular amount each month, Thanks. ‎

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