N2O Catalog: Top 10 Apps of February 2020


February is here and so are we. The month may have a few lesser days but a lot has been happening in the appsphere. Let’s discuss 10 exciting apps we found for you this month. They are creating a buzz and are interesting.  We bet they will keep you engaged for hours. Let’s have a look at them.

Android Apps

1) Alto’s Adventure

Genre: Game

Alto’s Adventure is an endless runner game. Alto is a farmer who does several chores like rescuing runaway llamas, outsmarting mountain elders, outsmarting mountain elders, crossing dangerous mountains, and snowboarding through rooftops of villages. This game was recently released on android. This side-scrolling game has been designed on the lines of popular Parkour-inspired action game ‘Vector’. It is set in beautiful Alpine surroundings. Alto slides through the mountain slopes automatically, the player playing the game needs to steer him and protect him from obstructions, and blizzards. With simple touch-based taps, the player can help Alto jump, perform tricks, gain competitive high scores and gets upgrades. The number of llamas Alto saves can be seen on the left side of the screen. It has objective based game plays so the players are not bored with endless running.

2) Prune

Genre: Puzzle Game

Prune is an award-winning puzzle game. It is soothing, calming, minimalist and artistic. It is all about growing and pruning trees. You grow trees and ensure that they reach a certain height. To get the height you need to prune your tree appropriately. When branches hit the sun they flower. You need to grow a certain number of flowers to cross a level. It has several chapters with about 12 levels each.  As you progress in the game, your obstacles keep on increasing too.

3) Kickstarter

Genre: Social

Kickstarter app belongs to the crowd-funding community Kickstarter. The community enables start-ups to crowd-finance projects. The app has separate categories of start-ups like books, video games, gadgets, documentaries and food, for people who are interested in funding the projects. If any start-up catches your fancy: you can read about it, chat up the people responsible for it, check the demo videos and see how much contribution it has received. You can go through different projects and receive updates. Project creators can also stay close to the people who fund their projects. The app interface is clean and is organised very well.

4) Movesum

Genre: Fitness

Movesum is a fitness app with a difference. It tracks how much you moved in a day by counting your steps. When displaying the number of calories you burn, it also displays pictures of food of the same calorie. Thus, while it tells you that you took 12,800 steps it also tells you that you burned the same amount of calories that are in “2” French Fries. Gulp! The app uses applied psychology and technology. By showing how many steps you need to walk to burn the food you eat, the app makes you rethink your food choices.

5) Cut the rope: Magic

Genre: Game

Cut the rope series now has a sequel – Cut the rope: Magic! Om Nom lands into a magic world which is hidden inside a book. The Magic world has candy and a candy loving Wizard.  Players can change Om Nom into different forms – all to help Om Nom recover candies stolen and hidden by the evil wizard. The candy has to be guided to Om Nom’s mouth. It is a cute physics based puzzle. It has vibrant colours, enchanting new levels and effects. Music is delightfully whimsical which appeals to both kids as well as the grownups.

iPhone Apps

1) Music Memos

Genre: Music

It is a very simple but very helpful app for musicians. Many a time they hum a tune and just because they are not able to record it anywhere, that tune is lost forever. Now with the help of Music Memos app musicians can quickly record their tune or the music idea before they forget. You can record your voice, acoustic guitar, piano or any other instrument you like.  The app uses the microphone of the device to record the tunes. Once the tune is recorded the app analyzes its chords and rhythmic patterns and it can add some bass and drums to the idea with a few taps. The app is very easy to use. You can customize the volume and the complexity of drum beat or bass line. You can save these musical clips, tag them so that you can find them later or export them.

2) Guides by Lonely Planet

Genre: Travel

Lonely planet has made lives of the tourists easier with its app guides. Now the detailed information about the places you want to visit is all on your phone with the help of Guides by Lonely Planet App. They are the traveller’s ultimate travel companions. Lonely Planet’s expertise and guides hold your hand as you discover new destinations.

Lonely Planet’s writers have curated the content of each city. They belong to the city and have professionally reviewed the places. The guides have offline maps and lists top experiences and essential tips to make your travel experience memorable. You can bookmark and save the places you’d like to visit.

3) Adventures of Mana

Genre: Game


Adventures of Mana is the latest remake of RPG console game – Final Fantasy. The players have the freedom to move around on the field. They can decide when to attack and when and how to evade the situations. There is a virtual joystick on the screen. There are different categories of weapons, the player can decide when to use which weapon. There are different spells that can be used for different purposes like dealing with ailments or to leave foes incapacitated. There will be several obstacles on the way, the players have to overcome them in their quests.

4) Exploding Kittens

Genre: Game


Exploding Kittens is a quirky multiplayer game for two or more people who have the app installed on their iphone. It is inspired by the card game. Its artwork is by famed comic –“The Oatmeal’s” Mathew Inman. This project was on Kickstarter and it holds the record for “project with most backers.” The app version of “Exploding Kittens” is a bit different from the original card game. It has new game mechanics, new sounds and voices and new art from Inman. It is a highly – strategic version of Russian Roulette. Players keep on drawing cards until someone draws a card of Exploding Kitten, which kills them and are out of the game. If the player who draws ‘Exploding Kitten’ has a defuse card, the kitten gets diffused and the player survives.

5) Millie Marotta’s Colouring Adventures

Genre: Lifestyle


Millie Marotta’s Colouring Adventure is an illustration colouring app for adults. Popular illustrator Millie Marotta whose Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom  was the bestselling book on Amazon UK in 2015 brings an incredibly innovative and dynamic colouring experience with the help of apps. You can choose from five specially selected animal illustrations. You can use your finger or Apple pencil to color the illustrations. She provides a special colour palette to choose vivid colors and shades from.

The Wrap:

These are the 10 interesting apps we picked up for you this month. Download them. Have fun! Meanwhile, if you stumble on great apps which you think should be included in the coming post, do let us know. We’d be delighted to hear from you. That’s all folks. Until next time. Peace out.

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