How to Turn Off / Disable Avast Antivirus 2020

disbale avast antivirus

Friends if you are looking for a solution “How to turn off Disable Avast antivirus”? Then you must check our article for its solution. In this article, we provide you simple methods to disable Avast antivirus form your system.

Many times, we face some situation, where antivirus causes some problem regarding installing some software, visiting some websites. In this situation, we can safely turn off Avast antivirus for some time to perform our job. Turning off Antivirus is not advisable, but if your important job got hamper, you can go ahead and do it.

Always remember to turn on Antivirus after your job is over. Antivirus is our first line of defense for our PC or system against virus, malware and another intrusion system. You should always use a good antivirus to keep your computer / mobile system safe.

Follow through our article on how to turn off Avast antivirus temporarily or permanent.

  1. Temporarily Turn Off/ Disable Avast All Shields

Avast antivirus comes with four code shields. If you turn off these core shields, Avast antivirus will become dormant in status. You can again turn them on when your works finish. Core shields in Avast antivirus work as an independent unit. You can turn off any shield and check if you can carry out present work. Core shields of Avast antivirus are as follow

(a) File Shield: It scans any file open or present in your PC or system.

(b) Behavior Shield: It scans all the application behaviors continuously and warns/ stop if it finds any suspicious activity.

(c) Web Shield:  it will block any website attacks and stop any unsafe download you perform on the website.

(d) Mail Shield:  It scans any dangerous email attachments which you may download to your system form email

Step1.  Find Avast antivirus icon on the taskbar:

Disable Avast

Navigate to windows taskbar and try to find orange Avast antivirus icon present on the right-hand side, near date and time option. If you could not find it, click on the top arrow present on the taskbar. Once you find Avast icon, right click on it and click on “Avast shields control.” Now select one of the option presents there,

  • Disable for 10 minutes
  • Or Disable for 1 hour
  • Disable until computer is restarted
  • Or Disable permanently

Step2. Click on confirmation

 disable avast 2018 warning

Now depending on the option, you choose, Avast will open a confirmation box. Click on the confirmation box for Yes option. Now, after this Avast will be disabled for that particular period whatever time you have selected.

Step3. How to make sure Avast Antivirus is Turnoff

If you want to make sure that Avast Antivirus is properly turnoff, follow these simple steps

  • Open the main windows of Avast Antivirus by clicking on the Avast icon
  • It should show in red saying “All antivirus shields are off.”

avast turn off 2018

Step4.  How to turn on Avast Antivirus?

 if you have turned off or disable Avast Antivirus for any purpose and want to turn on again, follow these simple steps:

 click on the Avast icon present on the desktop or taskbar

  • Open Avast antivirus main screen
  • Click on the Green button “Resolve” present there
  • Avast antivirus will be active with all shields.
  1. Temporarily Turn Off/ Disable Avast Specific Shields

As discussed earlier Avast provides four code shields, and you can disable specific shields for your work. You can temporarily turn off/ pause any specific shields depending on the task. Just follow these methods to disable temporarily any specific shields of Avast antivirus.

  1. Open the Avast main screen by clicking on the Avast icon present on the desktop
  2. Navigate to Protection
  3. You will find four code shields (File System shield, Behavior Shield, Mail Shield and web shield)
  4. Choose which shield you want to disable.
  5. Once you click on the shield, it will give you  four options

turn off avast 2018


  • Stop for 10 minutes
  • Or Stop for 1 hour
  • Stop until your next restart
  • Or Stop indefinitely (do not choose this option)

 avast 2018 turn off shield dialoge

Step6. If you correctly choose your option, then you will get a message stating that your shield is now off.

            off avast

  1. How to Uninstall Avast Antivirus completely

If none of the above-given methods works for you, then you can safely uninstall Avast antivirus completely. Navigate to “add remove program” and click on uninstall Avast antivirus.

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Q&A session of the user

Question: whenever I try to disable free Avast antivirus, it asks for a password?

Answer: Try to find the password of you Avast, it will be in your email when you register for the free version. If you find it hard to find, just uninstall it and install newer version form Avast official website.

Question: I could not uninstall Avast antivirus from my system?

Answer: If you are not able to uninstall Avast antivirus form your system, it may be due to broken software or other problem. Just use any third-party tool such as Revo uninstaller or cleaner to uninstall it.

 Final Words

So, friends, these are the two best methods by which you can disable Avast Antivirus. As we all know Avast is one of the top antivirus product in the industry now. You should use it regularly to avoid the virus, malware or another intrusion program. Whenever you are disabling Avast, make it active after your work is done.

We hope you find this article worth for How to turn off disable Avast Antivirus? You can implement these processes and disable Avast antivirus in five minutes.

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