How to Market your App using Social Media

social media marketing

As an appreneur, you have spent days and nights to conceptualize a groundbreaking mobile application for which you have been brainstorming since years, only to see your app being launched in the much congested App Stores. You are quite determined of its success in the near future with the dedicated app development efforts that you have already put into practice- It includes Market research and analyzing competitor apps, Creating outstanding user-interface, and Beta Testing.

So there you are, hoping to witness a good number of installs after making couple of efforts to market your app through-

  1. Conducting In-app advertising by running ad campaigns in other apps
  2. Posting updates with a traditional sales pitch on Social media platforms

Inspite of applying these app marketing methods, you are pretty sure about your strategies failing to come out effectively and produce efficient results. So is that the end of the story? No..

Considering the latter, i.e Social media platforms certainly have tremendous scope of driving sales for your app-  as a research says, there are 74% of online adults using social networking sites. Here, we have come up with a list of social media marketing strategies and techniques that will guide you in marketing your app effectively. So let’s get started!

  • Facebook

Facebook is one busy platform that caters million of users today. To every potential app developer, this is an ideal social media channel to drive attention and sales for their apps by promoting various form of content.  Considering that, every app developer should set up a Facebook page for their app. More to that, Facebook now welcomes app businesses to promote their apps via more specific methods called ads for apps. While these ads will directly lead your potential customers to download the app, the related content posted on the Facebook page will ignite interest towards your app and lead the audience towards installation.

  • Twitter

Twitter is exceptionally known for it being dedicatedly used by known personalities. Hence, the platform becomes a great source to gain attention by reaching out to the influencers by simply mentioning them, and even greater if those influencers are driven to retweet. Then, your limited characters won’t be an issue if you still manage to craft something exceptional altogether. Last year Twitter had initiated content marketing feature called ‘Twitter Cards’ which is meant to leverage the visibility of your app and thereby pulling up installations.

  • Google+

Developers might not be eyeing it as a promising one, but that isn’t the reality. This brainchild of Google is finally making the rounds. What every appreneur need to concentrate  here upon is that Google+ has the built-in power of pulling your app up in the organic search results. Interestingly, unlike the hashtag feature utilized on vivid platforms, the Google + hashtag features is unique in its own way, as it serves the ability to auto-create hashtags. The idea is to use hashtags to optimize SEO power without overdoing it.

  • Instagram and Pinterest

With these groundbreaking platforms that cater world’s best visuals, your goal should be to maneuver the visual content as smartly as possible. Today, there are over 75 million active users on Instagram. This audience is constantly in a look out for visuals that are not just interesting and pleasing, but something with a purpose. The idea is to beat around the bush with the visual content and drive people to know what your app is all about and what it can serve them with. Considering Instagram, developers can design great pictures as well as short time-lapse videos to lure the audience. Get a more specific approach to marketing apps on instagram here.

Actionable Steps to be considered while marketing on Social Media:


  • Make it personal: We have encountered a number of developers who are skeptical about being up there on the social media platforms, thinking that their communication skills won’t meet the expectations.Though, the key to set a bar higher is to be yourself and set yourself apart with your individuality, instead of imitating. Audience tend to appreciate originality, hence make your best efforts to come up with content that has a personal touch.
  • Serve value added content: The idea about being up on social media with your app is not just to ‘sell’ it, rather connect with your app’s potential audience. Bombarding them with usual content with a typical  sales pitch won’t help you anyway. Always keep in mind that people tend to hit the like button or follow button because they found your ideas interesting, hence they are curious to know you and your product further. Give out useful information, educate them with how to articles, tips and tricks- everything that revolves around your app idea.
  • Understand the Audience: So isn’t it a great thing that social media platforms let you specifically target audience for your app! Your aim should be to fully capitalize on these targeting options offered by various platforms. Facebook now offers many targeting options for paid ads such as age, gender, location, work, education, relation status and many more.
  • Integrate platforms within the app: Making social media your design priority will simply take your app marketing efforts to the next level. Apart from users being able to like or follow the networks within the app, also allowing them to share their in app data/scores/achievements will simply double the noise on social media networks.
  • Reward the users for connecting: Now, this might sound absurd as you might not be able to track actual conversion to social media, but the engagement and exposure that brings in more audience to download the app is worth what you decide to spare on your customers. In this case, rewarding them with virtual currency or a coupon might do the work. The idea is to bring in more users without spending beyond your budget.

In closing

Considering that mobile app marketing  has a great scope to play around social media networks, developers now only need to conceptualize ideal content that effectively targets audience. What makes this aspect even better is, developers need not worry about the costs, as these social media app marketing strategies can be smartly designed to fit in their tight budget. Remember, it isn’t just you who will be making efforts to bring in more audience, but your current users will be equally playing their part by recommending the app on their respective social profiles, if you let them do so!

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