Mediums & Methods to Market your iOS & Android App

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Mediums & Methods to Market your iOS & Android App

Today, we have come up with the most crucial subject that every app developer would want to learn about thoroughly. And why not? The current app market has given enough reasons to the developers to start working upon the app marketing strategies just when they begin developing their app and we second that idea strongly.

Let us first overview the mobile app market statistics and the app market future so as to give an idea to the developers of what the future holds for them.

  • The apple’s app store is about to hit 1 million apps, whereas this insightful data will give you a thorough knowledge on the total number of android apps in the market.
  • While talking about the predicted future statistics, according to the portio research; downloads will continue to grow to exceed 200 billion per year by the end of full year 2017, and revenues in 2017 will reach 63.5 billion US dollars.

Now, let us discuss the methods that serve different platforms for marketing an iOS or Android app.

1. An App Website:

An app website is a complete presentation of your app. The motive is clear and it is to grab attention towards your newly released app and thereby trigger downloads, and a website dedicated to your app does that effortlessly when it showcases your app name and icon, an app pitch for your app, app badges so that it is easier for the visitors to download the app, displays the key features of your app via attractive visuals, displays compatible phones and also a promotional video that communicates quick visual information. You can have a look at some of the most inspiring iPhone app websites.

2. Social Media Marketing:

  • Social Media is serving the most trending marketing platforms of today. We need not even mention those big players as their popularity has already made them household names. The greatest benefit of advertising your app via social networks is that, these websites are truly capable of building an audience over time regardless of the size or financial resources of the app.
  • Creating a page dedicated to your app on facebook and keeping your fans updated with the latest happening around your app can increase the possibility of downloads. More to that, the latest facebook app install adds have taken the chapter of social media marketing to an all new level. Whereas, marketing through Twitter has widened the horizons for app businesses with the help of Twitter’s promotional tactics and marketing tools.
  • The idea is to keep your fans and followers engaged by posting one of a kind content across all the channels including Youtube, Linkedin, Instagram and so on; which would give a solid thrust to your app marketing strategies.
  • The best way to acquire a social media following is by integrating Facebook,Twitter,Instagram and all the channels directly into your app, so that when your users like and follow your app, it instantly becomes a gateway to attract more followers and thereby attain maximum visibility.
  • Having said that, social media marketing strategy simultaneously plays a crucial role in deploying buzz marketing and viral effect. With that, social media marketing as a diversified platform offers an array of effective ways to promote your app; such as forum discussions, blog posts, social bookmarking of articles and many more.

3. App Store Optimization:

ASO has recently embarked in the app marketing world and it has been proving its worth intensively. Now the question is what does ASO do to your app? ASO simply assists in strengthening your app marketing strategy in the best way possible.

It is a systematic procedure of bettering the features of your app in the app store such as; improving app name, writing precise app description for your app, deploying unique screenshots and thumbnails that easily grabs users’ attention, creating informative videos, localizing every feature of the app and also making concrete efforts on app reviews and ratings. Working on all these factors not only brings the best out of your app features but gives much better visibility to your app on the app store followed by substantial number of downloads.

4. Media coverage:

It is all about conducting typical PR activities. It includes precisely drafting press releases that are keyword heavy and having an established relationship with relevant bloggers and journalists who can offer a genuine readership for reviewing the app. This method allows you to reach out to a large number of genuine target audience of your app.

5. Mobile App Advertising:

The mobile app advertising is one great marketing platform for your app and it can be carried out through Ad Networks. This method runs on a simple concept and is one of the most well known methods for promoting apps. These Ad networks provide marketing services in the form of advertisement (from simple banner ads to video ads and rich interactive ads that appear in the apps and mobile sites) to the advertisers and monetization services to the developers.

While getting noticed on the Google Play and App Store is getting tougher for the apps day by day, it is apparent that promoting your app with the help of above mentioned mediums has become inevitable. Hiring a proficient app marketing agency for fulfilling the latter can prove to be one of the best decisions ever made in order to witness the success of your app!

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