Fixed Your Apple ID Has Been Disabled

Fixed Your Apple ID Has Been Disabled

The most common problem which Apple user faced now a day is Your Apple ID has been Disabled. Now, this standard problem seems such frustration that you got panic and start contacting Apple Customer Care. We recommend you to go through this article and solve the issue within few minutes.

If you Call Apple Customer Care to solve this simple issue, it will take quite some time to resolve it. Just try yourself first on the possible solution, if you are not able to solve this issue with this solution, you are free to contact Customer care.

Why Your Apple ID has been Disabled error occurs?

There is various reason why Apple may disable your Apple ID, but these security measures are implemented to keep your account secure. When you get Apple ID is disabled, with that, you will see various messages display on your screen. You should look at these messages with caution as they may give you an idea of why your ID has been disabling.  Some of the errors we have summaries, which are responsible for Apple ID is disabled are:

  1. This Apple ID is disabled for security reasons.
  2. “You can’t sign in because your account has been disabled for security reasons.”
  3. “This Apple ID was locked for security reasons.”

The above is the most common message you will see on your screen when your Apple ID will disable. All these messages are base on some security reasons. The most common security reasons are highlight below:

  1. Too many attempts have made to log in to your account.
  2. The wrong answer to your security question, inputted too many times.
  3. Suspicious activity was detected while trying to buy some items.
  4. Apple Information related to your account has been entered incorrectly too many times.
  5. You have visited malware/ fake/ phishing website and used your Apple id.
  6. Your Apple ID is accessed from a different location at the same time around the world.
  7. Multiple access to your Apple ID from the different device from a different location around the world.
  8. Someone is trying to change your actual information without verification.
  9. Your Apple ID has been hacked
  10. Apple ID has been used to buy iTunes or other Apps from a location not known to you like if you are staying in the USA, someone tries to buy iTunes cards from China or Nigeria.

The above mention points are the most common reason why your Apple ID gets blocked. So, as you know why your Apple ID has been blocked, time to get the solution. We have summarized below some of the best solutions to solve this issue.

1.Fix the Problem using Apple recovery website

You can visit Apple recovery website by using your mobile device or computer. Just visit from your PC or mobile. When you visit the site, just check our steps and follow it:

1.Enter your Apple ID on the login page and click on “Forgot Apple ID or password?” present at the bottom of the page.

Login to your apple id2.Enter your Apple ID and Captcha Code. Click on Continue

Enter your Apple ID and Captcha Code

3.Choose an option to unlock your account

  • Get an email option (where recovery password will be sent to your primary email)
  • Answer security question (you will be asked some security question which you have to choose when you make your Apple ID)

choose email or security question

4.Choose any method to like email or get security questions. You can ask to confirm your mobile number.

answer security question

Note: In case if your mobile number is required, you will have to complete two-step verification or two-step authentication.

2.Two-Step Authentication Process

two step authentication

These are the security measures any uses can opt for free of cost in his Apple ID. If you have already implemented this measure in your account, then follow this procedure.

Step1. Go to setting, iCloud on your MAC device.

Step2. Input your name or Apple ID details on a MAC device.

Step3. Put your old Password in the desired field and then change your password.

Step4. Follow the onscreen instructions to update the new password.

Step5. Try to choose a password which is tough to guess with letters, numbers and special characters.

3. Two-Step Verification

icloud verification

You can get your “Apple ID Disabled” problem solved by using Two-step verification method also. Just follow the procedure, and your account will be active again:

Step1: Visit your Apple ID login page and select the forgot password option

Step2. Type in your Apple ID details and select reset password

Step3. Input your recovery key for two-step verification option

Step4. Select your device to receive a verification code (make it handy)

Step5. Enter verification code which you will get on your device and create a new password

Step6. Log in with your Apple id and new password

4.Contact the Apple Support to solve “Apple ID ”

Well, if you follow all the above method and still you are facing the same problem. It is time to contact Apple Support for your Apple ID Disable issue. You can always approach Apple Support for any problem face with your Apple account.

Before proceeding to talk to Apple Support, you need to find your country Apple customer care number. They will provide you step by step help through a call, chat or email which every method is convenient for you. Follow these simple methods to solve your Apple ID problem:

Step1: Just visit Apple Support from your PC/ Mobile Device.

Step2: Choose Apple ID form the product menu

Choose Apple ID

Step3: Now, Choose “Disabled Apple ID” option

Choose Disabled Apple ID option

Step4: Click “call Apple Support later option.”

call apple support

Step5: Fill your name, email id, Apple id and click continue

apple call support form

Apple team will contact you by phone no. They will ask some security question related to your account and prove your identity. Apple support will submit a ticket to iTunes to solve your Apple ID disable issue.

How to Prevent Your Apple ID Has Been Disabled From Happening Again

We have summarized few points which you should follow to prevent your account from hacking.

  1. Always use a Strong password with upper case, lower case, numbers and unique
  2. Do not use any public free wifi or unsecured free internet
  3. Ensure you are logged out from your account when using an open device or where many people logged in on the same machines.
  4. Never share your password with
  5. Try not to log in with your Apple id in phishing websites.
  6. Always make sure to have two-factor authentication.


We recommend you to have a secure password to avoid such type of problem in the near future. These are the best possible solution to solve your “Apple ID blocked.” If you find that these methods work for you, then share this article with your friends or family members who are facing similar problems.

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