Common yet 5 important features every app should have

important features every app should have

With the growing competition between the apps to occupy a niche spot in the app store, there arises an inevitable requirement for the developers and every app marketing agency to constantly examine and analyse different facets of the app features and the app market as well. While, their prime goal with the latter is to discover new and effective ways to witness the app ranked in the top slot, there already exists some quite ordinary yet extremely effective and must-have app features that consistently boosts the app store optimization efforts.

Let us find out, what are those features that should be strictly considered and included by every app developer while optimizing their app.

Provide users with a Contact Us field.

Every application’s presence in the app store is limited to its icon, title, description, some screenshot and most importantly its rating and reviews and that is it. The app’s potential as well as existing customers are bound to know more or have questions beyond what they are being served to absorb information from.

In some cases, there are possibilities where the existing users are facing some sort of definite trouble with the app features and they have got nothing but to surge off their complaint in the form of an app review (surely a negative one). To simply avoid such portrayals of disagreements or rejection to be a part of your app’s limited presence on the app store, provide them with an official space where in they can speak their minds and communicate effectively.

You can also link the contact us, comment please, questions or we value your feedback and similar such phrases to your app landing page, that is the dedicated website of your app. By doing so, you are allowing your customers to reach out to you with an ease.

Your app landing page will then provide them with a Feedback form, FAQ space and a lot many other facets that would further leverage the communication between the both. By providing a prominent place within your app or through a link to your app’s website, you are reducing the possibilities of receiving negative reviews and bettering the quality of your app store optimization efforts.

Get a better hold of the App Analytics.

Is it useless to integrate newer features to your app or optimize the existing ones without analysing the outcome and performance of the existing features. You know that ‘certain number’ of app users have interacted with the app, but knowing that figure is just not enough. Your utmost goal is to attract more users and to see the existing ones coming back to indulge with the app consistently. And it only becomes possible when you start measuring the app analytics.

For instance, on which features have the users considered spending maximum amount of time? What are those junctures where users tend to lose their interest and have left? Are there any bugs that have instigated them to leave at a certain point of time?

These are some of the most crucial questions that needs to be dealt with, if you really want your users to remain dedicated towards your app, almost forever. In this case, only a leading app marketing agency can guide you thoroughly in the entire process of analysing different aspects of your app at various stages and tell you clearly what is happening within your app, and thereby improve accordingly.

A compilation of positive user reviews and ratings is equal to more installs.

Every app has a dedicated space where users are allowed to write reviews and rate the app according to their individual preferences. However the actual customers are the ones who leverage these reviews and ratings and therefore you aren’t sure whether they would be rewarding your app with a positive review or not. On the other hand, you are well aware of the fact that, these user reviews and ratings of your app on the app store becomes the source of decision making for potential installers.

They are highly influenced by the word of mouth and they eagerly seek and tend to go by what ‘other’ users have to say. Hence, your utmost goal is to see this space to be filled with all positives and no negatives.

Irrespective of that, it is obviously illegitimate to ‘pay’ for receiving positive reviews. Therefore, a smarter way is to ask your existing users to rate your app after the user consistently interacts with the app for the third time until they decide to act upon it. A seamless and legitimate procedure of receiving positive reviews that is provided by Appirator.

While, this was about the user reviews that would only appear in the app store, you can easily leverage the reviews of your app on the web by asking an app marketing company to submit the respective app to many reputed app review websites.

By getting the app reviewed by experts and specific app reviewers, you are inviting more traffic followed by more installs and vice versa. Make the most out of the app review services offered by AppN2o. Along with written reviews, it caters video reviews of the best quality to its clients.

Hail Social Media.

It is already used and it is proven. There are tons of apps in the market who have managed to have a better grip over their marketing efforts by making social media an integral part of their app. For instance, the gaming app, Candy Crush came up with an extremely novel idea of compelling the existing users to make a shout out for the app on social networking site in order to continue playing their beloved game.

Indeed, a trick it is to integrate social media within the app and witness more installs. However, the simplest way is to allow your users to share what they just enjoyed by clicking on buttons that signify different social media sites. It is one of the best ways to reach out to more and more number of potential users as people are constantly engrossed in different activities on these websites and are easily influenced by suggestions and viral posts that they come across.

App Localization is the key to witness success in the present market.

So, have you made all the efforts only to target literally a small group of audience. No, right? Why just consider single country or a language for your target audience when your app is capable of being successful and winning hearts across many countries by simply localizing it in more than one language? Mobile app localization is surely a matter of choice, but this choice is bound to decide the fate of the application.

There are N number of people around the world who are looking for exactly what you are offering and to suffice their needs and your prospects, the language should not act as a barrier at any cost. Hence, it makes a wise decision to localize every feature of your app and simply widen the area of your target audience to witness more downloads.

It includes localization of keywords, app name, screenshots, description and language strings. AppN2o, along with providing multilingual services gives definite importance to carrying out app marketing tactics in respective local languages.

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