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Honza Weber

Honza Weber

Description: Hello visitors! :) My name is Honza and I'm a Professional Footbag - Hackysack and Freestyle Football player. I hold 7 World and 5 European Championship titles. If you're interested in learning more about me or check out my products, please visit my website - or find me on social media. A little bit about me, I started playing football as a child and became quite a successful goalkeeper. I picked up footbag in 2001 and have been a professional freestyler since 2009. I'm blessed that my job is also my #1 passion. I love showcasing my skills and have performed in approx 25 countries, been invited to TV shows all over the World and hold multiple World Records. My goal is to freestyle until I'm 50, who knows what I'll decide to do after that. If you want to try to start playing footbag, be sure to get the best bags for beginners or intermediate players at my website: Honza Weber

Country: CZ

Created: 2009-03-20


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