7 Must-Have Christmas Apps Right out of Santa’s Bag!


‘Tis The Season!, and the festive spirit seems to be getting better and better each passing day. We have Christmas trees, Christmas wreaths and manger to lighten up our living places. Accepted. But now, we have some great tech adorns as well taking the form of Christmas apps to brighten up our favourite devices, literally.

So get cosy on that couch, embrace the heat from the fireplace, the dazzling lights of that tree you just decorated, make yourself some hot chocolate and jump into our sleek selection of 7 exciting Christmas apps for you to indulge in!

Our list of Christmas apps has something more than games, and each of these apps seems to bring a fresh vibe with it for you this holiday season. Without a much ado, let us dig in!



Christmas is all about Elves and enjoyment with your bunch of favourite people, isn’t it! ElfYourself is one hilarious app that’s meant to bring families together. All you need to do is, pick each family member’s face from the phone and place them onto one of the elves’ bodies. What’s next? Now it is time to see your family members get in the groove as they dance and sing to a Christmas-theme in a video. Now go ahead and share these epic videos with your friends via Facebook and email.

Well, don’t let that Christmas spirit confined within yourself. ElfYourself is right here to help you greet or surprise your friends with a one-of-its-kind videos that are all about Christmas and nothing else.

This app is free and available for both Apple and Android.

Fireplace 3D Lite


Well, the app claims to have made the Fireplace 3D Lite as realistic as possible. We would say bring it on then. This app, Fireplace 3D Lite, is nothing less than a substitute for wood fire, in case if you do not have one at home. The app is backed with high-quality 3D graphics and effects, fireplace sounds as well as zoom option. Get the full version of the app and you can avail 3 different fireplaces styles that’s inclusive of Rustic, Traditional And Victorian that come with realistic images to make you feel as warm as possible. More to that, the app is being praised by the users for it being ad free and thus makes a lot more fun relishing the wood fire on the device itself.

The app is available for Apple.

Christmas Music


Your Christmas is surely incomplete without Christmas Songs and Christmas Carols. Christmas Music is one of the most highly rated and liked application for its thousands of free and legal holiday songs. Apple says it has been rated 5 stars by over 700 reviewers and is consistently ranked Top 100 Music app in over 50 countries. Interestingly, all of the apps’ music is vetted to be from Creative Commons or independent musicians which means they are all completely legal so you can download classic and new holiday music songs right away.

The app is available for Apple iPhone and Tablets

Inkly: Personalized Cards


Inkly is a fabulous app that’s meant to create and send Christmas cards in under three minutes. The app offers hundreds of designs to choose from. Infact the app lets you create your own designs by uploading your favourite family photos. Handwriting technology is something new and different that the app brings forth. You can simply choose to write your message on a piece of paper, take of it with your phone and transfer your handwriting inside the the card you have chosen.

This recently updated app offers power packed features such as managing the Inkly address book, reminders, availing credits, making collages and more. All you need to do is, add the address, choose from seven different coloured envelopes and Inkly prints and sends them in the post on the very same day.

This app is free and available for both Apple and Android.

Angry Gran Run – Running Game


The Christmas special Angry Gran Run is all about running as a Santa and avoiding all of the new festive obstacles. This ever-so-popular running game now lets you take Angry Gran Run through the Christmas village this December. This game is tremendously popular for its feature wherein you can bash the punks just when you are busy avoiding tons of different and wacky obstacles. While there are number of running games out there, Angry Gran run is meant to serve you endless fun in the cities of New York and Rome.

This app is free and available for both Apple and Android.

Bridge Constructor


No, you aren’t going to rebuilt the London Bridge but infact build your own bridge. Yes, you heard it right. Bridge constructor is one intuitive application wherein you construct a bridge with different materials and then put that very bridge to test using cars and trucks, which will lead you to unlocking the next brain-teasing level. The app has recently gone through a huge, free Christmas update that introduces new levels and brain teasing new bridges to build on Winter World Island. With the latest updates you can also expect improved controls that will add up to the app’s features.

Playing this game will help you discover the beautiful island nation of Camatuga and build bridges over deep valleys, canals, or rivers. Bridge Constructor is surely fun along with the stress tests making the game even more engaging.

The app is available for Apple and Android.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas


This could be one of the best surprises for your little one this Christmas.This one is a special interactive book designed for children. The app provides three ways to read i.e. Read to me, Read it myself or Auto play. The auto play will play the story like a movie, automatically reading and turning the pages which come in handy for children. The app encourages literacy skills with highlighted narration and some power packed features like learning new words by tapping pictures, professional narration and custom sound effects.

The app is available for Apple and Android.


Have some more apps on your mind that you think are worth noticing this holiday season? Please share with us your experience down below in the comment section

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