3 Methods to create Unlimited Facebook Accounts without phone verification

method to create facebook account

Friends if you are looking for How to create Unlimited Facebook accounts without phone verification, then you are at the right website. We have tested three methods and got success with these. You can go through the whole methods and try to implement any one of these to get a free Facebook account.

You can get an unlimited Facebook account by

Method 1: Using Gmail account

Method 2: By Using Mail.com account

Method 3: Creating Outlook.com account

Recruitments to Make Unlimited Facebook Accounts:

  1. You will need android mobile or PC/ Laptop
  2. Gmail account old will also work fine
  3. Mail.com email account or we will create a new one
  4. Outlook.com email account Old, or we can create a new one
  5. Any VPN to connect
  6. Any software to clear cookies like cclenear.com


How to create Unlimited Facebook Account

Facebook.com is the largest social media platform with more than 2.2 billion monthly active users. Facebook is the most popular medium to connect with family members, friends, co-worker, old acquaints. You can make only have one Facebook account, but we will give you methods by which you can create more than one Facebook account.

Method 1: Steps to create Facebook accounts with Gmail

  1. logged out from Facebook in all devices, such as pc/ mobile.
  2. Make another Gmail ID and verify it will new phone number
  3. Now sign up in Facebook and create your new account using new Gmail ID
  4. You will now have a new account on Facebook.

Method 2: Steps to Create Facebook accounts with mail.com

  1. Make a new email ID in mail.com
  2. You don’t have to verify mail.com email id
  3. Use this email id to make a new Facebook account
  4. you can now make an unlimited Facebook account without phone verification.

Method 3: Steps to Create Facebook accounts with outlook.com

  1. Select any VPN and choose USA IP
  2. Browse to outlook.com and make a new email id there
  3. Do not put any phone number in the phone number field
  4. Fill the captcha and submit all information
  5. Your outlook.com email ID will be ready
  6. Now make a Facebook account using outlook.com email ID
  7. If outlook.com ask for mobile verification then remove the IP and again start over.

Final words

Well, now you all know how to create an unlimited Facebook account without phone verification. We have sorted out various tricks and gave you the best working methods. The Internet is full of scam website claiming to provide you with a free Facebook account without doing any job. Do not fall prey to these scam websites.

Do not buy a Facebook account from anyone, as they can claim back their account, if they see you have a huge fan following. Make sure to use these account for new pages or promoting any offers on Facebook.

Don’t forget to share this three methods with your friends, if this article helps you make an unlimited Facebook account.

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