20 Most Popular Gift Cards For Christmas And Holidays 2018

gift cards for christmas

ownWe all love to have Gift cards to spend on Christmas and holidays. Gift cards are now a day become our second-best option for buying things online apart from credit cards. Due to increase in credit card thief and other scamming, Gift card fast becoming the safest and secure way to purchase any items online. You can use these Gift card in many ways like buying items, paying for any monthly subscription, purchasing the premium app for your mobile.

We have summaries 20 best popular Gift Cards of 2020, which will give you an idea how people are using these Gift Card around the world.

 Difference between Best and Popular Gift Cards

If you think best and popular gift cards are the same thing with the different name, then you are mistaken. Popular gift cards are not topping in the Best gift card charts. In an interesting survey conducted by wallethub.com, they found out that popular gift cards did not mean they are the best gift card.

Wallethub.com compare top 50 most popular Gift Card across five major categories. The categories are as follows:

(a) Gift Card popularity rank:

They conducted a small survey and ask people to fill out Gift card according to there popularity.

(b) Average Buyer Discount:

What are the buyer discount you can get when you buy those Gift Card form official store or third-party stores. This will also include buyer discount in case of Black Friday or New year giveaway.

(c) Average Resale value:

Another popular category is the average resale value which you will get when you want to sell those Gift Cards. Now, if you check, there are many Gift Cards which did not allow resale on their Official websites. In that case, you have to rely on the third party websites which cut some money for the processing fees.

Always remember, you will not get a full refund on Gift Cards anywhere. You have to pay some nominal cost to get your Gift cards money. All the Average resale value of Gift Cards are tested against $100 Gift Cards.

(d)  How much people like the retailer:

This category depends on the popularity of the retails among the users.

(e) How is the Shipping fee for Gift Cards:

As you all know, Gift cards are sent free to your email, so no shipping charges are taken on those cards. But there are many credit cards where they charge shipping fee which has been included in this section.

There are many categories which wallethub.com missed out, which should be included in the survey to get the appropriate result.

Some of the categories which wallethub.com missed out are as follow:

(a) Gift Card denomination:

All Gift Card are not in the same denomination, like make gift card came in $5, $25, $50 and $100 whereas Credit Cards which has been included in the survey comes in a different denomination.

(b) Ease of Exchange:

We buy Gift card to buy items at some discount rate, if we did not use these Gift cards, they become dormant and unusable. For that reason, we want to exchange our Gift cards for money or other popular gift cards. But if you could not exchange your Gift cards with another popular gift card, then it will be wasted. So, we recommend making categories for Ease of Exchange.

(c) Offline Exchange:

Most of the Gift Cards cannot be exchanged in offline mode. There should be a category for this also, which can identify those gift cards which can be exchanged offline.

(d) Date of validity:

One of the most important categories which was left out was Date of the validity of Gift Cards. Many Gift cards come with expiring date, if you fail to exchange gift cards on that period, you Gift card will be unusable. So, you test all the popular gift card in this category also to get the best gift card.

(e) Rating of customer care:

Another biggest issue now a day are the customer care behavior. If you get good customer care assistance, you should give them due credit. But bad customer care is like a nightmare, and Gift cards of that store should be avoided.

(f)  The range of items to be brought from these Gift Cards:

The biggest slip of categories was a range of items to be bought using these Gift cards. If you buy Gift cards from the big popular online store, it gives you ample choice of items which you can choose. But if you take Gift Card from the small store which only has one range like food or cloth, then you will not get other items using those gift cards.

We hope that these categories should be included in coming survey so that we can find our exact which Gift Card is best in 2018.

Check the list top 20 Most popular gift cards:

  • Amazon Gift Card: place at spot 1 (tie)
  • Visa Gift Card: place at spot 1 with Amazon (tie)
  • Walmart Gift Card: No:3
  • iTunes Gift Card: place at spot 4 (tie)
  • American Express Gift Card: place at spot 4 (tie)
  • Target Gift Card: place at spot 6 (tie)
  • Starbucks Gift Card: place at spot 6 (tie)
  • Disney Gift Card: No.8
  • Sephora Gift Card: No.9
  • eBay Gift Card: N0. 10
  • Google Play Gift Card: No.12 (tie)
  • Netflix Gift Card: No. 12 (tie)
  • Home Depot Gift Card: No. 12 (tie)
  • Best Buy Gift Card: No.15 (tie)
  • Macy’s Gift Card: No. 15 (tie)
  • Victoria’s Secret Gift Card: No.17 (tie)
  • Giant Eagle Gift Card: No. 17 (tie)
  • Fandango Gift Card: No. 19
  • Kroger Gift Card: No.20

10 Tips for Getting Best Gift Card For Christmas

Are you searching for the best gift card for your family members or friends, just go through our tips to find best gift card. You can make a beautiful holiday season using these Gift Cards for yourself or family members.

tips for choosing gift cards for holidays

1.Look for Big Days.

We all know, shopping around festival season gets the big jump with everyone busy in purchasing a gift for there dear one. Look for big days like Black Friday, Christmas day, New Year or Diwali or Independence Day depending on your country. You will always find many Mega Stores organize Special Discount bonus on these days. Shop on those days and get Gift Card of your choice.

2.Choose Gift Cards Wisely.

We all love to have Gift Cards for our shopping and always use them as our other source of spending. You can choose same Gift Card from a different vendor with the price difference. You can even get Gift Cards less than face value in different stores. There are many online stores where you can exchange your old Gift Card to other people or use Bather system.

3.Avoid banks or Card-network Gift Card.

Gift cards from many banks such as Visa, Mastercard as a good source of cash, but they should be avoided as they charge a nominal fee. You have to spend $2.5 to $3.95 as mandatory fee when you get these Gift cards.

4.Gift cards and Prepaid Cards are different.

Gift cards can be used only one time with there face value, whereas, Prepaid cards can be used again and again. Do not get confused with Gift Cards and prepaid cards. Do not spend money on Prepaid cards as they are connected to your credit card or bank account. Whenever you spend anything on this prepaid card, money used to charge from your bank account.

5.Check for the expiry date on Gift Cards.

Whenever you buy any gift card, check for expiry day. This is mandatory, as many Gift cards validity expired at the end of season or festival. So, buy or invest wisely on these Gift Card after checking the validity.

6.Check for any Resale option.

If you are buying any Gift Card check online, if that has any resale option or not. You can exchange it on some online stores for other Gift Cards or resale them for the same face value.

 7.Get Gift Cards with Rewards Points.

What’s if we tell you that, you can get free Amazon gift Cards using rewards points. You can get many legit websites doing this for a small Task similar to browsing websites, watching videos, filling out surveys, buying small items using their affiliate links.

8.E-Gift Card is in fashion.

E-Gift cards now become the hot selling Gift Cards among all cards. Every major megastore has its own Gift cards, which can be used to buy a variety of items from their stores.

9.Go for Gift Card which is not restricted to one item.

There are many Gift Cards which are restricted to only one item such as food gift cards. Do not invest money on these Gift cards, if you want to Gift someone, then give Gift Cards which can be used for a variety of items.

10.Do not spend money on the Shipping charge.

We recommend you not to invest money in those Gift Cards which takes a fee on the shipping charge. Avoid them; there are plenty of Gift Card from which you can choose without paying any shipping fee.

 Final words

So, now you know how to chose best Gift cards using our top 10 tips. Remember always to look for any special offer which might be specific to the Mega Store. Always check your email for any special offer like if you purchase specific items, you will get Gift cards. It will be a bonus to you, as you can again spend those Gift Card for other purchase. Stay wise and till then happy shopping.

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